Return policy


In our returns policy, we consider the possibility that an item may be returned, either because it is defective or because it does not satisfy you. In both cases, the time you have to make the return is 10 BUSINESS DAYS. The money may be refunded using the same payment method in which the purchase was made, or for an exchange.

In the first case, that is, if the item does not come in optimal conditions, our company will be responsible for the shipping costs, since we understand that the circumstances of the item being defective are beyond your control. However, if the reason for the exchange or refund is that the item does not convince you, the shipping cost will be borne by the buyer.

There are some items that are NOT subject to exchange or refund, such as stickers, clothing (sweatshirts, t-shirts...) and anything that has been personalized.

Remember, when you are going to make the return, that we need the order number to be able to access your purchase more easily and thus be able to make the exchange or refund as quickly as possible.

Once we receive the item, we will inspect it and if everything is in order, (remember that you must send it in the original packaging) you will receive an email from us to notify you that we have received the item, as well as if its condition meets the conditions that we provided. we have indicated above.

If we have sent you the email approving the return or refund and you have not received the money, check your bank account or credit card. In all likelihood, the problem will be beyond us. In any case, allow a few days to pass, because in the case of a refund, it will normally take a while before the money is deposited into your account or into the card with which you made the purchase.

Whenever you want to return or refund one of our products, contact us at our email address , NEVER DO IT WITH THE MANUFACTURER DIRECTLY, since they will not be able to solve the problem for you.

In any case, if after properly carrying out the steps that we have indicated, you have not received the amount of the item, contact us at the email address indicated above, and we will try to help you solve the problem.

If the purchase you have made consists of several items, tell us exactly which one you want to exchange or refund. REMEMBER TO SEND US THE ORDER NUMBER.