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Help Flash

Help Flash

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Help Flash is a light emergency pre-signaling beacon, V-16 signal approved by the DGT, with more than 2 hours of autonomy in emergency mode and with an additional flashlight mode function with 360º white light.

It is activated by magnetic induction when it comes into contact with any ferrous surface, which allows it to turn on automatically when placed on the roof of the car. It works autonomously, with a commercial 9v type 6LR61 alkaline battery that does not sulfate and can remain in the glove compartment of your car for up to 4 years, ready for use when necessary.

It can also be activated manually by rotating its base. Help Flash is visible up to 1 km away, in low light conditions, has IP54 approval and is resistant to all types of weather conditions.

Small, compact, lightweight and with simple and intuitive use, Help Flash will signal the location of your vehicle in less than 8 seconds.

  • APPROVED BY THE DGT: IDIADA approval number PC19010175
  • EASY USE: Easy and intuitive operation in stressful situations
  • FUNCTIONAL: Can be turned on by magnetic activation or manually
  • SPEED: Vehicle marked and located in seconds
  • POWERFUL: The vehicle is visible at 1 km. in low visibility conditions

Presignal Triangle Problem

  • They do not put the safety of the vehicle's occupants first.
  • They are not efficient, since using them requires several minutes.
  • They cannot be used on both four- and two-wheeled vehicles.
  • They cannot be used by people with reduced mobility.
  • Did you know that its use is not mandatory if its placement poses a danger to the driver?

The Solution: Help Flash

  • Compact, automatic and autonomous.
  • Intuitive functioning in stressful situations.
  • Protect yourself in seconds and make yourself visible to other drivers.
  • Speed, simplicity and high performance in emergency situations.
  • Help Flash is recommended and approved by the DGT (approval number: IDIADA PC 19010175)
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