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Lion style LED strips FR RGB (colors)

Lion style LED strips FR RGB (colors)

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LED strips based on fiber optic technology with RGB (multicolor) LEDs


The kit is for 2 doors

3W power adjustable in intensity.

Compatible with iOS (Apple) and Android systems connected via Bluetooth by an application, which allows you to regulate the intensity, color, and effects. They are all linked at the same time, so with a single touch, you can modify the color of all the LED strips that you have mounted in your car.

Strobe effect, waterfall effect (among others) or even to the rhythm of music thanks to using the phone's microphone.

Includes a kit of 4 meters of fiber optic strip that can be cut to taste.

You have a video of the product on YouTube on how to install them, whether you already have the LED strips installed (the ones that we have been using for so long in a single color) or if you don't have them and you have to do the installation from scratch.

2 years warranty.

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